Creating Powerlifting Equipment Zones in Apartments

The luxury apartment rental market is hot in St. Louis, and one of the amenities renters are paying top dollar for is a spa-like fitness center. Apartment fitness areas often are limited in size with barely any room for a cardio zone or a powerlifting equipment zone. However, while a larger facility might be ideal, there are plenty of ways that a smaller fitness center can maximize space and offer all the amenities of some of the most popular apartment powerlifting equipment zones in Apartments in Missouri.

If you are in the market for professional exercise equipment in St. Louis, remember one name: EcoFit Equipment. We can connect you to the best deadlifting and squat bars in the industry. Here are some of our tips to design a powerlifting equipment zone for your St. Louis Apartment community.

Don’t Overload the Dead Lifting Zone with Weight Benches

There needs to be at least a power bar’s width between nearby equipment and weight benches. If you do not the space for this currently, you will need to remove some equipment or benches. Tight spaces create a hazard.

Reinforce the Gym Flooring with Heavy-Duty Powerlifting Surfaces

EcoFit provides exclusive access to affordable, high-quality fitness flooring. We work closely with our flooring manufacturers to help you make the right decision for your facility. When it comes to powerlifting equipment zones, look for a surface that can withstand heavy use, bulky equipment and that can provide a sound barrier for slamming weights or fitness ropes.

Choose the Right Powerlifting Equipment and Provide Multiple Options

There is no greater letdown than to go to a fitness center and find that a piece of equipment is not available for use. Besides treadmills and ellipticals, squatting racks, free weights and deadlifting bars (or power bars) are among the most commonly used equipment in a gym space. EcoFit helps you avoid buying mediocre machines and accessories. While some products are cheaper up front, you will find yourself replacing them on a consistent basis and will face a liability risk with broken or poorly performing equipment.

The choice is clear. When you need a power bar or other types of powerlifting equipment zones in apartments in St. Louis, you need to call EcoFit. We have grown to be a vital source for commercial gym flooring, fitness space design, and fitness equipment installation and service training. We are your exclusive source to some of the best brands in the fitness industry including Troy, Spri, Life Fitness, Sci-Fit, Concept2, InMovement, Hammer Strength, and more. You can trust EcoFit as your exclusive source for professional commercial fitness equipment and fitness space design.