Campus recreation is imperative to higher learning. Not only does it provide
a release for students undergoing the challenges of higher education, but it also
stimulates the mind in a way that can be useful for learning, cognition and many
other facets of development.

Life Fitness and its Family of Brands strives to create the best equipment for
humans in motion for many decades–and we’ve come to know and understand
how we can best accomplish that for our customers–and therefore the next

Each area of the rec center provides something different for each exerciser based
on their goals. Fitness trends have informed the layout of a typical rec center
over the years. Our products and services can help you bring your vision of the
facility to reality.


Wearable technology includes fitness trackers,
smartwatches, heart rate monitors and/or GPS
tracking devices that track steps, sleep, breathing,
caloric burn, heart rate, sitting time and much more.
Debuting at No. 1 on the American College of Sports
Medicine’s list of top fitness trends in 2016, it has
remained in the top three since then. Wearable
technology is estimated to be a U.S. $100 billion

Life Fitness offers myriad ways to connect to both
Bluetooth® devices and consoles for all of your
tracking needs. Data drives the way people work
out, so your equipment needs to work on that
continuum. When students are able to choose how
they work out, where they work out, when they work
out, and record all of their data–whether they’re at
the rec facility or not–then you’re truly connected.
Prioritize outfitting your facility with cardio that can
be connected and solutions that help your students
track everything about their workouts.

Data drives the way
people work out,
so your equipment
needs to work on that

More students, faculty, staff and members are taking
their health and well-being into their own hands.
The Life Fitness Family of Brands has many options for
connecting, syncing, recording and using wearable
technology to capitalize on workout data. Life Fitness
Connect helps exercisers record, measure and
progress to their workout goals. HALO offers facilities
ways to maintain their equipment and learn more
about each machine’s usage. ICG Connect offers a
more dynamic way to enjoy group cycling. And that’s
just the start of our digital journey.


Since 2013, bodyweight training has maintained its place in
the ACSM’s top 10 list. It utilizes the body as the machine, and
therefore requires minimal equipment and maximizes workout
effectiveness. This was more important than ever in 2020 when
people began exercising more at home and caused a national
shortage of weight equipment.

Re-evaluate how important floor space is for your facility.
Many facilities designate turfed areas as bodyweight and
functional training hubs. How can you maximize your usage of
live areas for exercise? Life Fitness offers not only accessories
for more variety in your workouts, but also equipment that is
configurable, made to save space, increase workout variety,
store accessories,


Virtual training, taught by a virtual instructor on
a screen, provides training when live, in-person
instruction isn’t available or financially viable.
Virtual training also serves as a gateway for exercisers
who aren’t yet comfortable with participating in a
live in-person group fitness experience.
Digital Coach is exactly this. Choose from a library
of exercises and movements to create a comprehensive
program for exercisers. All you need is an iPad® and
TV to present Digital Coach. Pre-recorded instructors
go over exercises, so you can encourage those who
may not yet feel comfortable coming to a live group
training class.

Life Fitness On Demand offers virtual training on a
wide range of cardio equipment. The instructor-led
classes provide the streaming content exercisers
are familiar with.


Free weights have been a niche area of exercise in
campus recreational facilities–until now. It’s imperative
that exercisers using free weights are learning proper
form and technique by instructors and trainers.
Resistance can then be increased as form stays solid.
This trend makes great use of a flexible space, often
equipped with multi-adjustable benches and storage
options with wall-adjacent units. Hammer Strength
offers all the benches and racks, as well as accessories
needed to have a well-rounded free weight area.

Connected cardio and free
weights are two top trends
according to Athletic Business.
Participants added that having
a flexible or modular space
is important. and more to support your specific facility.


One of the largest trends in rec facilities is
incorporating performance training programs.
More people are getting into performance training
and need equipment beyond Olympic benches
and free weights. Athletic Business has identified
a massive growth in functional training with
modular flexibility over the last 15 years.
For athletes, lifters and exercisers who are looking
for measured improvements, more advanced
strength equipment, etc., Hammer Strength offers
HD Athletic Rigs and Racks, performance trainers,
benches, turf, bars, bumpers and accessories,
plate loaded and a wide array of equipment that
is built to a higher standard than anything else in
the industry. It is tougher, can withstand more for
longer, and is known in professional sports and
competitive lifting industries as ‘the’ brand for
those who want long-lasting quality.

HD Athletic and HD Elite Rigs and Racks are
modular and can be highly configured to offer
more variety than generic benches and weights.
Accommodate a much larger group of student
athletes or exercisers by customizing the way you
build your performance area.


In addition to new facility trends for class location,
either outdoor or virtual, trends exist in what types
of classes participants prefer. This includes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), bodyweight training
or functional fitness classes, as well as personalized
training sessions for individuals. The newest trend is
programs tailored to older adults. More and more
people are interested in their health and are signing
up for memberships. Having a diversity of class
options will help make everyone feel at home.


Small group training is a great vehicle for getting
exercisers involved and motivated. The Murphy
Research Institute report for 2021 still says that
in-person training can be helpful to boost
motivation and a sense of community. Life Fitness
offers solutions and a wide range of fitness products
such as LFX and Digital coach that make small
group training seamless and effective.

LFX allows for creating exciting group training
experiences with the comprehensive combination
of fitness products, programming, education, and
digital solutions. Digital Coach, a component to
LFX, is a solution that allows trainers of facility
owners to create and curate video workouts within
a vast library of exercises to show proper form and
technique on screen.

B R U N S W I C K B I L L I A R D S :

Active recreation is commonly a social activity
involving foosball, table tennis, shuffleboard, putting
greens, billiards tables and more. Brunswick Billiards
has a long-standing trusted heritage and expert
craftsmanship that translates to some of the best
active recreation products on the market. This genre
of fitness is also a great stepping stone for helping
students and faculty discover their own personal
fitness journeys.


The Life Fitness Family of Brands offers several
options for active agers and people undergoing
rehabilitation. From the SCIFIT portfolio of inclusive
and rehab products to Cybex Total Access line of
equipment–you have options for exercisers at any
stage of their fitness journey.

SCIFIT and Cybex offer inclusive fitness options that
cater to rehabilitation–for athletes, medical staff or
older adults–with equipment that allows for very
small, gradual changes in resistance, features that
strengthen less commonly used areas, and detailed
measurements of an exerciser’s progress. Cybex
offers Prestige Total Access, a line of products that
are accessible to those who are physically disabled.
Building a diverse facility is difficult, but keeping
in mind what kinds of exercisers you have, your
floor space, and how you can create interchangeable
areas is important to running an effective facility.
The Life Fitness Family of Brands has enough
products and services to help accommodate for
any of these trends while future proofing your space.


Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Cybex all
offer unique selectorized strength equipment.
Whether you’re looking for advanced, independent
movement, smooth interactions, inclusive
equipment, or the best quality on the market,
you’ll find exactly what you need.

I C G S T U D I O :

ICG has been at the forefront of group cycling
since its inception and continues to pave the
way for digital integration with a premium fitness
experience. Several different bikes serve a wide
range of exercisers, while ICG Connect allows
exercisers and trainers to optimize the group
fitness experience or to elevate the riding
experience for people riding solo.


Life Fitness cardio is a staple in premium facilities. Our family of
brands has more than enough options for any type of facility.
From treadmills, ellipticals, hybrids, bikes and stairclimbers, you
always have an option to best fit your facility.

Exercisers expect digital connection and premium Discover
SE3 HD cardio consoles don’t disappoint. They feature the latest
streaming entertainment and training applications. Discover SE3
HD also includes Life Fitness On Demand streaming workouts.
The digital library of on-demand instructor-led keeps you on trend
and is available on treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, cross-trainers,
and exercise bikes.


The first step to getting people into your facility is by making
it look cohesive and inviting. The Life Fitness Family of Brands
allows customers to customize the look of their facility by adding
custom signs to their racks, add logos to bumpers, dumbbells
and platforms, as well as change the color of your racks and
cerakote barbells. School spirit in a rec facility gives more
context to your school’s culture and history.


School spirit drives culture, and you want to
make sure your students see your custom logos,
branding and colors everywhere they can.
Customize your facility’s equipment from attract
screens on cardio to weight equipment, benches
and racks to make it look cohesive, strong and a
pillar of your school’s pride.

Your facility will cater to many different types,
builds, sports, ages and wants from your
exercisers. Knowing this from years of partnering
with many different universities and schools, Life
Fitness has broadened its suite of products to
cater to any facility’s needs. Whether your facility
is customized to the gills with bumpers, bars,
logo plates and branded platforms, or you need
a highly flexible space to accommodate several
different sports and exercise types, or you just
need a little bit of everything–we have
you covered.

A well-rounded facility comprises not only one
style of equipment, but a progression of quality
equipment for a diverse crowd. For example, if
you only had plate-loaded strength equipment,
your facility might feel intimidating to newer

We would love to partner with you and turn your
campus recreation vision into reality. Feel free to
reach out and contact a rep to discuss your plans
and how we can help you inspire healthier lives.