Cleanliness and neatness are going to be key concerns in the “hospitality” and “multi-family” markets moving forward. We realize that we are only part of the picture, but we are a great door opener! As more and more facilities open, they will need to meet new standards and give the rooms an upgraded and fresh look. The Fitness Center directly reflects the property so keeping a clean fitness center is now more important than ever before. EcoFit Equipment has cleaning and sanitizing solutions for all size rooms, budgets, and situations. Ensure that your residents and guests are happy with the highest standards. Now that the world is getting back to a “new norm” it’s time to get the facilities fitness center to a new norm. Neat, self-directed, and easy to keep clean. Having a clean fitness center also ensures that the users are getting the most out of their workout and optimizing their health routines.

What does House Cleaning Look like in a Fitness Room?

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