To improve the St. Louis Commercial Fitness Equipment Service Industry by putting our clients first and doing what is best for their business.

Simply put, as an Eco Fit Client, you and your business are our top priority. We are going to advise you on the best approach to keeping your investments maximizing the most profit for your business. We are the experts for the cost benefit analysis to keeping your equipment, investing in new equipment or affordable repairs to make your equipment last that much longer. We will walk you through the process every step of the way to show you all of your options for your equipment, and the cost and benefits of each available solution our technicians recommend.



The Highest Rated and Most Reviewed Fitness Equipment Service Provider in the St. Louis area!
EcoFit Equipment is a St. Louis based, certified women owned business that provides a one stop shop solution for your commercial fitness needs. We sell, install, and service St. Louis Commercial fitness equipment as well as commercial gym flooring.

EcoFit Equipment focuses on providing commercial fitness equipment for multi-family communities, schools, churches, police and fire stations, personal training studios, corporate wellness centers, country clubs, medical/physical therapy and chiropractic centers. EcoFit also provides the perfect solution to have a state of the art gym in your Home!

Not only can EcoFit provide the perfect solution for your equipment needs, we will also offer layout & design for your facility or home. We also offer financing options, product training, delivery and installation, trade in programs, service and preventative maintenance.

Meet the Founders of Eco Fit Equipment

Eco Fit Equipment was founded in 2013 by Jen Maurath and Lisa Miceli Standage who first met while doing a “Team Clean” at the Arnold 24 Hour Fitness in 2006. First as co-workers, then great friends, now at present day, they are solid business partners. We are the epitome of a small, family owned and operated business with strong family values. Therefore it is important for us to treat our St. Louis Commercial fitness equipment employees and clients like family. We are committed to delivering high quality service with a family friendly experience. That is the culture we work so hard to create at Eco Fit Equipment!


St Louis Commercial Fitness Equipment Gym

What Does Eco Fit Equipment Do?

  • Install Equipment In Commercial Gyms
  • Repair Fitness Equipment
  • Disinfect Gyms
  • Clean Fitness Floors
  • Preventative Maintenance On Fitness Equipment
  • Move Fitness Equipment From One Location To Another
  • Install Fitness Equipment In Your Home
  • Build Gyms
  • Service Fitness Equipment
  • Sell Disinfectant Products Specifically For Fitness Equipment
  • Design Commercial Gyms
  • Design Home Gyms

Who Can Eco Fit Equipment Help?

  • Gym Owners
  • Public Schools
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Home and Residential
  • Police and Fire

At Eco Fit Equipment services, we offer anything you could ever possibly need when it comes to the overall health, wellness, protection and longevity of your equipment for anyone in the fitness industry. We will always take good care of your equipment, and your gym, or even your home gym if you are needing residential gym equipment services. If the goal and the mission is to provide the ultimate fitness equipment solution, it only makes sense we take care of your business… and your home!

We like to think of ourselves as a partner for your business. You hire us to help you save money, and we do. There are very few people you will meet with that much of a vested interest in the well-being and best solution for your business and fitness equipment. At Eco Fit Equipment, we make sure we provide high quality, experience-based, valuable equipment repairs, or we can help install new equipment, we can even provide regular maintenance on your equipment to make sure that you are taking proper precautions to avoid costly repairs in the future. For your equipment, you want to maximize the value of that asset. That is what we can help with. Eco Fit Equipment can help highlight all of the features and value your fitness equipment brings to your business.

We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we are saving you money in the long run. We are in business to consult you through the smartest money decision for your St. Louis Commercial fitness equipment. When it comes to making sure that you are able to grow your business, you want to make sure that you are keeping your expenses minimized as much as possible.

Eco Fit Equipment is Just Like You!

We are in the St. Louis Commercial fitness equipment industry just like you. That is why we understand one thing, your expenses matter. If there was a way to save you money, we are the experts finding the loop hole. When it comes to saving money, we are all about it. At Eco Fit Equipment, we go above and beyond to make sure that we are saving our clients money. After all, you are our top priority and making sure that you get the maximum amount you can for your investment is key for us. We will look out for you, our client every step of the way. We will never advise you or consult you on taking some type of alternative that will cost you money. At Eco Fit Equipment, we are the guys that determine if you need to purchase brand new equipment, or if a simple repair is the trick. Either way, we are always the experts for St. Louis Commercial fitness equipment with you in mind. We are the team doing the research to find what exactly is the best value and quality in the marketplace for equipment for different needs, and what is the most affordable piece of equipment amongst those options and what is the solution for you. We are offering those services. Additionally, We make sure that you get life out of all of your equipment and we make sure that we are the affordable solution in repair and labor fees. Again, you are our top priority and making sure that we are able to maximize your profit while minimizing your expenses in the fitness equipment service industry is our goal all the time!

Meet Our Team

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